how to pay for an adoption: you can do it!

Our family meets so many people who are would love to adopt but are fearful of the financial costs. I always respond that finances should never be a reason that you do not adopt and that there are so many ways to fund an adoption. For our adoption we were able to use a matching grant from Brittany's Hope Foundation. Our friends helped to plan and host a fundraising shopping event. Vendors from many home businesses offered to donate their proceeds, plus there was a silent auction on donated items. We also did online fundraising by selling donated items. I hope the list below will encourage those who are considering adoption but are wary of the costs. You can do it!

Consider fostering to adopt. In most states this will require no cost to the adoptive parents along with health insurance and college tuition.

*Host a Karaoke night.  Entrance fee and then people can pay to have someone else sing or you can pay $100 to be exempt from singing 
*Tee Shirt Sales:  Wild Olive Tees Fundraiser: 
*Local Restaurants:   Many restaurants (both chain and local) offer fundraising nights.  The families can advertise their fundraising night and a percentage of the sales from food or beverages will go to the adoptive family.  Chick-fil-a is a great place to start
*Amazon shopping link 
*Facebook fundraiser:  for example $20 Tuesdays, have friends/family all share on one day for a specific donation such as $10 or $20
*Ask friends if they have extra air miles they could donate
*Ordinary Hero:
*Garage sales (ask others to donate items to your sale), include bake sale items 
*Collect clothing to sell at consignment sales
*5K or fun run
*Scrap Metal Drive 
*On-line auctions
*Puzzle fundraiser
*Raffles and Giveaways:   Have people donate an item(s) and raffle them off.
*Food/Beverage Events:   Pancake Breakfast, Spaghetti Dinner, Chicken BBQ, etc.
Silent Auction with entertainment for the children
*Bake Sale
*Purchase fundraiser -  Companies like Premier Designs Jewelry, Thirty One, Jamberry Nail, Scentsy, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Stella and Dot, to name only a few do fund raisers for varies needs/organizations/individuals to raise money for their cause.  Earned hostess gifts could be used for a raffle or give away as well.
*Pay to participate type of event.  Trivia night, magic shows, live music/ bands, basket auction, bowling night
*Car Wash
*Give 1 Save 1:

Crowdfunding sites – 
*Pure Charity:

*Show Hope:
*Sea of Faces
*Abba Fund:
*A Child Waits:
*JSC Foundation:
*Brittany's Hope: (this is a matching grant program that works with several Christian adoption agencies)
*Katelyn's Fund:
*Reece’s Rainbow:
*Gift of Adoption:
*Affording Adoption Foundation:
*Help us adopt:
*God's Grace Adoption Ministry:
*The Lydia Fund:
*Both Hands Foundation:
*Mud Love
*Golden Dawnaa
*Pathways for little feet
*National Adoption Loan foundation
*America's Christian Credit Union

Raising Funds:
*Check with your place of worship to see if they an adoption fund/ministry.  
*Ask your employer if they offer adoption assistance.  
*Part time job – pick-up a part time to bring in extra income.  Check with the part time employer to see if they might offer adoption assistance programs (ex. Wendy’s does)
*Overtime – do you have the opportunity to pick-up an additional shift/hours.
*Cut household/living expenses where ever possible (cable, larger deductible on auto ins., pre-plan meals to trim the grocery bill, shop only off grocery list w/coupons, no eating out, etc.).  
*Do you have a particular talent or skill that you could market (offer sitting services, open an esty shop, etc.)
*Create a budget and stick to it.

Post-Adoption : 

Adoption Tax Credit – Adoption tax credit. – Available to qualifying families after adoption finalization. (ex. year 2014: $13,190)

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