adoption when you already have biological children

When we started the paperwork to adopt Faith our boys were two and four years old. They were a part of the process from the very start.  I love that they remember when each of their sisters came home.  I love that knowing all the challenges of adoption they continue to ask us to find one more.

This is for the family who is wondering if they should adopt because they already have biological children.... I know that sometimes when you bring in a child who comes from brokenness and trauma it can cause harm to your biological children.  And there are plenty of blog posts out there about all of that.  But I wanted to give a voice to a different side to adoption.   Adopting a sibling can be one of the greatest gifts you can give your biological child. And on the flip side it is a gift to give an adopted child brothers and sisters.  Not that it is always easy, because it isn't.  There have been moments when I questioned whether this was all going to work out.  However, when I watch my five children interact with one another I am confident that they will be in relationship with each other long after they have left the nest.  Long after Kevin and I are out of the picture.  They have already journeyed through things that bond you for life.

There have been moments over the past two years when I have questioned God's placement of Elie in our family.  Would she have found more in a family with less children who had more time and more money to invest in her therapy?  It is times, like these past two weeks, when I am reminded that there is more to healing a child than what money can buy.  Kody always asking, comforting, helping.  Tyler angry that more treatment will be necessary and cheering for each new accomplishment.  Faith always by her side.  These are things that you can't sign up for at a therapy office.

Exactly a year ago we had a some students from a local university come and make a video of our family.  I know many of you have watched it before, but to celebrate Adoption Awareness month I wanted to share it again.  In the video I explain our story and the beauty of adoption for siblings.  Each child that enters our home has been welcomed and accepted, even when it wasn't easy they still were seen as their sibling.  If you already have biological children and are wondering if you should adopt, we would love to walk that journey with your family.  Please contact us anytime.  


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