made to be outside

There is something about having my feet in the sand with the sound of the ocean in my ears that speaks life to me.  When I find myself blessed to be sitting at the ocean's edge it is hard for me to leave.  It is not just the ocean that has this effect on my soul.  I find I am a better version of myself anytime I am in nature... playing in a lake, hiking on a trail, running through the woods.  I know I am a better mom when I am outside.

The reality is, though, so much of my life is inside.  Running a household for seven people does require me to actually be in that household.  My to-do list can often be a driving force keeping me indoors. Add to that during this season of life, the big kids do not need me to participate in all their outdoor play and the baby is at a stage where outdoor play can sometimes be frustrating. However, spending some time recently at the ocean reminded me that I need regular outdoor adventures.  We do not live where I can be on the beach every day.  (Although I really do think I would be so much more emotionally stable if we did)  But we do live in a beautiful place where I can be outside year round.

Before London was born, I had a regular routine of running outside multiple times a week with friends.  And the kids and I played outdoors more regularly too.  Going back to the baby stage has definitely been an adjustment for me. But I am trying to fit it in however we can.  I run but I have to have different expectations now that Faith is on a bike.  Any of you that have run with children biking know what I mean.... sprint, walk, jog, repeat.  But it is something and that is better than not going at all.  Plus having these two as my running partners is a sweet time together and one that I know someday I will miss.

And so one of my goals is to make this a daily priority.  It can be a challenge at times with the schedules of the children, and I know the challenge is only going to increase in the months ahead, but I believe we were not created to spend our whole lives inside of boxes.  Rest and play do not come naturally to me when I am inside my house.  I am surrounded by everything that needs to get done.  But when I go outside all of those chores no longer seem to matter as much.  And the beautiful thing is when I do come back in I have a much better perspective and lower stress level.  I know it isn't rocket science but something that I need to be reminded of frequently.  How about you?  Where do you find that you are the best version of yourself?  How do you fit in outdoor time and still have clean clothes, meals made, and schedules organized?  How do you exercise while being a mama to young children?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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