treasures of motherhood

There are some moments in motherhood where the earth seems to stand still and the significance of the moment takes your breath away.  You know in your soul that you will never ever forget this space in time. 

Most of these moments pass without a photograph to remember them.  All that is left is the snapshot stored in your heart.

This day I actually had a camera in my hand.

Our family loves the beach.  It is our happy place.  This summer we spent a week in Duck, North Carolina.  It is a very rare occurrence for our crew to get away together, especially for an entire week.   We were all very excited. 

Like most of our weeks around here, it was filled with highs and lows and all the craziness of being a family with four small children.  But this moment here was one I will cherish in years to come.

My seven year old son spent about an hour running around the beach looking for just the right shells.  When he came upon one worthy of collecting he would run back to me and put it in my hand.  "Here mommy, this one is for you."  I realize that his days of flower picking and shell collecting are nearly coming to a close.  But that's what makes this moment so special. 

I purposed in my heart years ago to look out for times to celebrate "lasts".  We spend so much time celebrating "firsts" for our children.  But the "lasts" are just as sacred.  Keep your eyes open for those moments and cherish the beauty of watching your child grow up. 

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