our team anchor

When I was 18, a 19 year old young man walked into the room and I was captivated by his presence.  A friendship blossomed and grew and grew and grew...

I would catch a glimpse of him down a hall, across the room,  on the other side of a parking lot and an uncontrollable smile would break across my face.  

He would walk into a room and whatever was stressing my mind was suddenly gone.  A wave of peace ran throughout my entire being.  

When I was a girl I dreamed of being a mother.  I dreamed of being a mother to many children.  I dreamed of being a mother to many children who did not share the same smile or skin color or birth history.  I dreamed of their Father playing with them, reading to them, loving them.  I dreamed that he would be safe and would cause them to smile.  

I see it in the eyes of my daughters.  That same feeling in my own heart.  Safety. Love. Peace. Belonging.  

Not to say that it is always perfect, because it's not.  Not so say that we always get along, because we don't.  But at the core of it all is a man who is passionate about his commitments, a man who will never walk out, a man who fights for those he loves..... a man who still, at the heart of it all, makes me smile.

We are days from bringing more more life into this tribe....  and my soul is so thankful that I have this man by my side to do this with.  A man of courage, a man of God, a man who still captures my heart.

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