blueberry picking

Last night my beautiful neighbor and friend dropped off a delicious oatmeal pie.  So delicious!  I didn't ask what was in it so I could pretend it was healthy since it was made out of oatmeal.  Anyway, she also told us about a fun place to go pick blueberries.  We were supposed to spend today trapped in our minivan traveling to Ohio to visit family.  However that plan was derailed by the hubby's work.  Today was also Tyler's last day of six.  When the kids woke up I told them to put on old clothes because we were going to go pick blueberries.  Everyone was excited.  The trip did not disappoint.

The drive is beautiful. The berries delicious.  And we made it just in time.  Today their website posted they are closing for the season.  So while you cannot go this year, I highly recommend you try out Eagletree Farm next season.  You can sign up to be sent an alert next summer when they open.

I enjoyed spending time with the kids.  Blueberry picking is actually an activity you can do comfortably while you are pregnant.  No bending needed.  I cannot say the same about strawberry picking.  Tried that one when I was pregnant with Kody.  Whew, that is a lot of work when you have limited range of motion.

The kids had a great time and they also learned some things too, like:
when mama says go to the bathroom before we leave the house it is a good idea to obey
the red and green berries are not ready to be picked and do not taste good
the end of the blueberry has that shape because it came out of a flower
birds like to eat blueberries
if you don't carry the bucket by the handle all your berries will fall on the ground
eating too many berries off of the bushes = stealing
it is not loving to try to pick the berries your sibling is already picking

We really did have a great time together.  A memory for this mama to cherish and hopefully we can do it again next year.  A great way to help Tyler say good-bye to six.  On to the next adventure of being seven.


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