Not Today

My heart is heavy and my mind is swirling.  Last night Kevin and I went to see the movie, "Not Today."  The movie is about human trafficking... human slavery... the illegal buying and selling of children... children.... children.  It is not a new idea to us.  Something that we have read many articles/books about, seen many other films, listened to others talk about it.  I have even written about the issue on this blog before.  In fact it is one of the reasons that spurred our desire to adopt a little girl internationally.

No matter how many times I learn about this issue, my stomach twists and my soul screams.  And I pray that feeling never goes away.  I don't ever want to become numb to the horror.  I don't every want to stop asking these questions:  How does a person become so wrapped in evil that they will buy and sell children like animals?  How can they look upon a seven year old little girl and see only something to satisfy their perverted sexual desires?  How can someone pimp out and gain financial profit from these demonic activities?  .... How can people live around something like this going on and do NOTHING about it?

And then I think about myself.  How does this change my own life?  How I live?  How I spend my time, money, energy?  

If I know there is evil going on and I do nothing to get involved ... then I am just a part of the problem.  

After the movie, my heart longed to get home and kiss my babies.  As I watch them today freely play, with no worries or fears, my  mind went back to the girls in that film.  And all the people enslaved around the world that the movie speaks for.  All the little girls huddled together, with painted faces, under locked key, waiting for their next abuser.  Spending their days as man after man comes and tears away their innocence and the life of their souls.  The movie is not graphic, thankfully that part of what happens is left only to what is spoken and not shown, but we do know the truth of what happens to these precious children.  Children abused in every way unimaginable.  Things to horrible to write.  

Not Today is a powerful reminder to get involved TODAY... don't waste any more time. 

Looking for a place to start... go here.


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