Lost and Found

Last Saturday our boys marched in the Opening Day Parade for Little League Baseball here in our town.  They are having a blast playing this year... great coaches, great teams, just a lot of fun!  They loved marching in the parade.  I love the fact that at the opening ceremony they sing the National Anthem, they recite a pledge that acknowledges God and they say a prayer in Jesus name.  Kids happy.  Mama happy.  All around a great sport for our family.  

After the opening ceremonies, it was on to a day full of fun.  There was lots of bouncing, obstacle courses, junk food, bating and throwing, balloon animals and face painting.  The weather was gorgeous.  The kids did great.  Elie had no problems keeping up and really enjoyed herself.

All of the games required the kids to be shoeless.  So at the beginning of the day I put Elie's brace in my backpack.  Our last stop was for some awesome face painting.  While I waited for her, I sat my tired body down on a picnic table and got out her brace.  I wanted to make sure to put it back on her before the long walk back to the car.  I already knew we would be doing extra stretching that night just from her being out of it for so long already.  In the chaos of wrangling four children out of the park the brace was left on the table.  Elie didn't realize it was missing until she went to take off her shoes at bedtime.  "Mommy, that's funny, I don't have on my brace."  AHHHHHH!!!!  My mind immediately knew where it was.  Left there all alone on the picnic table.  I quickly jumped in the car and raced over to the park.  Everything was cleaned up.  Everyone was gone.  No brace in sight.

I felt awful.  How could I forget to grab something so important?  I began to pray that God would help us to find it.  I asked others to join in our prayers.  We made lots of phone calls and emails and checked the lost and found.... no answer.

When we went to Elie's physical therapy appointment this week, I sheepishly admitted that I had lost her brace.  The therapist said, "Hmmm, let me look in our box.  We have a box of odds and ends braces that have been donated by other people.  Maybe we can find something that works."  Really??

This is what she found....

A custom made orthotic.   Way nicer than what we had before.  Much more suited to what she actually needs right now.  And are you ready for this... a perfect fit.

Thank you God for once again answering our prayers beyond what we could ask or imagine!!  Thank you God for miracles and for caring about things like a little girl's brace.  Thank you God for building a legacy of faithfulness for my daughter to see just how crazy in love with her You are!! 

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