Goodbye 3. Hello 4.



This week starts two months of remembering and celebrating our children, their birthdays and their homecomings.  Faith is first up to bat. Let the party begin. This year we say good-bye to year 3 and hello to year 4, officially leaving the baby years behind and taking the first steps as a little girl.

Last year I wrote about the bittersweet of Faith's birthday.  I reread that post today and still agree with every word written.  My heart still longs for memories of her birth and the first 14 months of her life.  But I think this year I am beginning to see more and more the purpose and blessing even in the painful parts of her story.  And we have so much to be thankful for!!!

The first 14 months of her life God watched over her and carried her in His protective arms. We prayed that He would hold her until our arms could wrap around her.  It is an incredible story that is for Kevin and I to protect and for Faith to share when she is ready.  I am so thankful that her birth mother gave her life.  I am so thankful that God placed her into our family.  I am so thankful that He protected her brain while she waited for surgery.  And I am so thankful to just be a part of this amazing little girl's life.

Today I snuggled her up and told her, "Faith, I am so glad you were born."  And she said, "I am glad to be here."   Her spirit is beautiful.  She is beginning to process things on an entirely different level.  She sees the world through a unique perspective and I know God is going to use her in amazing ways for His Kingdom.

Last week I started writing down some of the things she said to save for this season of life.  Here is a snapshot into Faith's heart at age 4:
"Jesus loves me and I love Jesus"
"God keeps me safe"
"If you want to hit someone, stop and pray."
"They made our food faster than a twinkle."
"When I make bad choices God still loves me every time. He is in my heart."
"Jesus is my best friend."

And the one that hit this mama's heart hard and made me hold on tight so that I wouldn't totally break down in front of her:
"If I was all alone I would be so scared.  My family always saves me."

I can't...don't...want to imagine my life without my Faith.

Happy Birthday my sweet beautiful flower..... mama loves you with every single piece of her heart!"


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