Not "Why?" but "Why Not?"

I spent five and a half years caring for people at the end of their life.  I was young and much of what I experienced I didn't fully understand, probably still don't.  But there are so many incredible lessons you can learn from those who are finishing the race.  I listened to many share regrets of not taking advantage of the years that had past.  The plans they had made for someday would now never come.

About five years ago we spent an evening celebrating my grandparents wedding anniversary.  One of the guests was the wife of the pastor who had performed the original wedding ceremony. Throughout the evening she carried with her a book, a photo album.  At the end of the evening she shared the picture book with me.  It contained page after page of photographs of people that had accepted Christs's salvation because of her friendship.  Every word that came out of her mouth proclaimed Jesus Christ.  It was like spending time with a living Bible.  She was nearing the end of her race with no regrets.  

I meet many people who tell me, "Oh that is so great that you have adopted two children. I would love to do that some day."  Or "I always wanted to adopt but never did."  When I get to the nursing home rocking chair I want to have no regrets.  I desire for my words to sound like a living Bible.  I long to be that old lady who makes you want know Jesus just by being in her presence.  I recognize that the life I am living now is creating who I will be at 50, 70, 90 years old.  

Kevin and I have adopted a family motto:  "Do not ask why, ask why not".  There are books full of reason why you should adopt, but really the more important question is, "Why Not?".  We cannot come up with any answer that we could confidently share to anyone and hearing it come out of our mouths makes us sick.  We have no good answer for "why not?".  We are not perfect.  We don't have all the answers.  Most days we feel like we have no idea what we are doing.  But we desire to be the type of people who live without regrets.  It may be hard, but it's better than missing out on the most incredible blessing of our lives.  

After the people of Israel had wandered in the desert for forty years God was now going to lead them into the promised land.  He commanded them to go by way of the Jordan river.  Picture in your mind not a peaceful tubing river, but one that is deep and where the current is moving very fast.  And this is how it was to go down.... the priests were to carry the ark of the covenant (very heavy) to the bank of the Jordan and then "stand still in the Jordan." (josh 3:8)  God promised that once the priests feet hit the water it would part and everyone would walk across on dry land.  But the priest had to take that first step of faith and step into the raging current.  

Adoption is a step of faith.  God is calling many to be willing to step down into the Jordan, trusting that as their soles hit the water He will part the river.  Faith Forward.  

Yesterday was Orphan Sunday.  This month is National Adoption Month.  There are so many ways to get involved in the life of a child who has no family of their own.  Here is a video that our church put together for the service this past Sunday.  And yes, our home is always that crazy, if not more.  Take this month to consider what your role is in the life of an orphan.    

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