First Adventure as a Family of 6

We woke up one warm day this fall and decided to take our crew to Harper's Ferry, WV. Just under an hours drive away but you feel like you have escaped from our area. And we were feeling the need to look at some different scenery.  We parked at the visitors center and took the Lower Town Trail down to the water.  We stopped there for awhile to take a break, eat a picnic, watch the kids dig in the sand, collect things and throw rocks in the water.  If you are prepared and the weather allows you can actually go into the water.  This day we just stuck to the edge and if we hadn't urged them on, I am sure the kids would have stayed there all day.

The walk continues on following the water and the train tracks and at times takes you onto the median of the road leading into the town.  The kids investigated this dead frog for a very long time.  They wanted to bring him with us for the rest of the journey but Daddy vetoed that idea.   We continued the walk down to the historic town of Harpers Ferry.  By this point the girls were getting very whiny, and while Faith is still without excuse, we later found out that Elie's shoes were a size and a half too small.  She kept complaining about her feet hurting, and I kept encouraging her to continue on.  The entire day was a hard one for her and not a mommy badge earning day for me.  However our other three had a fabulous time and there were definitely moments when she enjoyed herself as well.  I look forward to taking her back again in the spring and making some new memories and hopefully laughing about how far we have come.

We have been bringing the boys here since they were babies.  And while Thomas has begun to collect dust in the corner of our house, Kody and Tyler still get excited about watching real trains.  I love watching them and remember the old days when their entire world was trains.

The town has lots of cool stuff to see and do.  We visited a few historic buildings, visited the public restrooms about five times, filled up on ice cream and then took the free shuttle back to our car.  There is so much more to this unique town, but this was enough for our first adventure.

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