GS4O in Broadlands this week!!!

Have you heard of this yet?  People all over the country are hosting garage sales block party style - all to raise money to help those in extreme poverty around the globe.  Well guess what??? One is coming to our area this week.....

Come shop Thursday  8am to dusk, Friday 8 - dusk and Saturday 8-2pm.  
Windy Oaks Square, Broadlands, VA 20148

Saturday will be a rocking block party.  In addition to all the awesome items for sale there will also be face painting, children's activities and food.  

100% of the proceeds are going to to build a well for orphans and abandoned children in Zimbabwe

Here is what GS4O is all about (direct from their website): 

Garage Sale for Orphans is an initiative of Help One Now. Help One Now is a catalytic tribe committed to caring for orphans & vulnerable children by empowering & resourcing high-capacity local leaders in order to transform communities & break the cycle of extreme poverty.
Every day, all over the world, there are children that are living alone. These children were created in God’s image. They were not meant to live in dumps, fields, alleys, streets, and parks. They have been abandoned, usually due to issues like AIDS, war, and extreme poverty, or sometimes because their parents simply don’t care enough to love and provide for them.
It is absolutely heartbreaking, but there is hope! You and I.  We can be that hope. We can do what God did for us. We can rescue these kids, give them a place to belong, help build a community of love and support, and give them hope for a future.
Once a child is enters our program, we will walk with him or her through life –  just as a family walks through life with their own children. Through our monthly sponsorship program, we will restore that child’s hope by providing the basic life necessities such as proper food, clean water, medical care, clothing and education. Just $35 each month goes a long way in developing nations.
When children are rescued and restored, we believe the local leader will have more time to invest in the long-term development of his/her community. They won’t have to spend so much time or energy on simply ensuring that the kids are clothed and fed. We’ve identified key focus points that will help provide a way for people to begin lifting themselves out of poverty, including church planting, clean water, farming and building homes and orphanages.
You can visit our website at:

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