Amazing family photos by precious thoughts photography

Many of you have commented on the fabulous pictures of our family taken at the airport in July.  My friend, Rachel, graciously provided her talents to our family as a gift.  They are wonderful pictures that really did capture all the love and emotion of that moment. In addition she is also the one who made the amazing homecoming video for us.  She also took some great photos of our family last fall.  Below are a few photos from each of these sessions below so you can see her amazing talent.

Rachel is traveling to the Philippines in November.  The teams purpose is to share the transforming gospel of Christ to those in prison ministry, feeding programs, hospitals and outpatient missions. She is using her talent of photography to raise money for her trip.  She can set up a session to photograph your family, yourself, your kids, whatever.  One idea she is doing - set up a playgroup time and she will come and do individual portraits of each child for $15.  If you are interested in making an appointment with her, please contact her at

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