Our Life with Eliana

Our first night together was a little rough.  When she first needed to go to the bathroom, she went into our bath area and started to pee on the floor.  We thought maybe it was because she was used to using a squatty potty, but have since learned that is not so.  She actually refuses to use the traditional Chinese squating toliets and will only use western style.  She knows how to go herself and stays dry throughout the night.  She is very meticulous and always flushes, washes her hands and makes sure the bathroom is tidy before leaving.  She also knows how to brush her teeth and to make the bed in the morning.  Wow!!  I am not sure what the peeing on the floor was about this first night except that everything was confusing and new.

We played for a while and she was so spun up, like a tornado spinning out of control into everything and hitting everyone.  Kevin went out to get us dinner and left Eliana and I in the room.  She totally freaked out after he left.  I finally got her to calm down and play some toys with me.  Then all of a sudden she started crying again and this time it did not stop.  She went to the window screaming, went to the door and tried calling on the telephone.  She kept crying for "mama" and the Mandarin words for "go to bed".  I think she was beyond exhausted and wanting her foster mom to put her to bed.  She refused dinner, crawled into bed, grabbed my hand to lay next to her and cried herself to sleep.  It was a very sad night for all of us.  But inspite of all that, she slept through the night and woke with a new attitude.  She did not want to change out of her clothes at first, but once the new clothes were on she was fine.  We believe she has stayed in a hotel before because she knows all about the room card and how to make the doors work.  She is great with using the elevator also.

Once we recieved custody of Eliana, we just wanted to go home.  We miss Kody, Tyler and Faith so very very much!!  We are ready to be together again.  We miss our way of life, our home, our things, our places to go and of course our friends and family!!  It is difficult to give birth to a five year old in a place where there are no westerners and very little english speakers, sleeping in a hotel, eating out all meals and not having places to go play.  She is a good walker and can even run, but usually refuses wanting only to be carried.  She causes quite a scene when she does not get her way.  In a town where we were the only adoptive family around, we played it safe and have given into these requests.  We do not want anyone to mistake us stealing her or something.

After the first night, sleeping times have gone much better and each day we are learning more about one another.  Eliana loves taking a bath and giggles when water is poured over her head.  She loves to play chase and to be tickled.  She loves the balloons and bubbles that we brought.  And she really loves the baby doll,  Thank you Amber!!!  Our Eliana is a very passionate child with a strong will, I know this has helped her to be so successful in learning all the skills that she has and her physical development.  We are still waiting for God to bring our family a complient child.  Guess our home is just a place for spice and fire.  We cannot wait to see what God has for these four precious angels He has entrusted to us!!  May He give Kevin and I the strength to parent them and to help them to grow in the right direction.

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