The final say on the coconut

Today was our appointment with Dr. Myseros (the pediatric neurosurgeon). I just want to say one more time how much I love this doctor. Anyway, the appointment went very well. He viewed the pictures from the MRI with us and the mass is definitly NOT any form of spina bifida or anything else coming from the intracranial space!! It is for sure a dermoid cyst lying over the anterior fontanelle (her soft spot). She will have surgery on August 24th to remove it. Because the fontanelle is still open, and in fact has not been able to close at all due to this cyst, the surgery is a bit more complicated. However, Dr. Myseros still thinks the surgery will only take about 1 hour and she may even be able to come home the same day.

To add even more to rejoice about, my baby girl has gained over a pound in 3 weeks and grown about an inch. Hooray for good nutrition and lots of attention! She has two new teeth that just popped through on the top of her mouth this week. Once those things come in she will be able to devour even more yummy foods. So far her favorite is definitely YoBaby Yogurts. If you have never tried one of these, you are missing out on some delicious fat!

So the coconut (as Kody has termed it) is going to be leaving us without much fuss or fanfare....Hallelujah! It is amazing to think that without this cyst she would not be our daughter. A thought I now cannot even begin to imagine. She is such an integral part of our family, it seems odd that we have only known her for about a month...... But I guess she has been in our hearts much, much longer than that.


  1. Praising the Lord with you!! I cannot see a plaque, jewelry, or whatever with the word "Faith" on it without thinking of our special girl! I saw one tonight "With FAITH, all things are possible." Indeed. :) Love you guys!


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