The Heart of Ethiopia part II

June 16

After the trip to the National Museum, we headed to Tedy and Eleni's
house which is about 45 minutes around to the other side of the city.
Car rides here go by so fast because there is just so much to see and
take in. My brain is a bit on overload trying to process everything
my eyes see. Their home was also down an alley lined with metal gates
and tall concrete walls. We ate more delicious Ethiopian food and
lots of coffee. She prepared a beautiful coffee ceremony for us
complete with grass on the floor.

We got a chance to talk about Christ today with them. Tedy is a
devout Orthodox, Eleni goes with him but trusted Christ when she was
younger. We also talked about the health and lifestyle of Ethiopians
and Americans. It is wonderful talking with Eleni because she is a
pediatric nursing instructor and her daughter, Mahiada is studying to
be a physician. They explained that girls as young as 8 years old are
made to marry and have babies. This causes many problems including
fistula. There is a hospital just for this issue alone here in Addis.
So sad, children forced into marriage by men 3 and 4 times their age.
It truly makes my stomach ill and reminds me why we started down
this journey in the first place.

We also were able to connect with DrawnfromWater today and give them
all the donations. The man who came to pick up the items was blown
away by the amount of stuff donated. Thank you so much, we are part
of such an awesome guys rock!

Kevin and I are taking full advantage of this trip and enjoying every
moment together. On top of meeting our daughter and visiting a new
country, we also are having a vacation together alone with lots of
time to talk and laugh. And you can't beat the prices, date night of
wonderful coffee and dessert for only $2 total or dinner for 4
including drinks for only $10.

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