And They're Off!!!!

Dearest Friends,

I met Sonya about 10 years ago and as long as I've known her adopting from Africa has been her dream... what an honor to drive her and Kev to the airport today on their way to meet their most precious baby girl. A huge praise of the day is that they were able to take their ginormous stack of luggage, a.k.a love offerings, and did not have to leave an ounce behind! Your most generous donations will feed, cloth, medicate, bring smiles to, and nourish countless orphans and children in Faith's community and the communities around her orphanage.

While Sonya is in Ethiopia I'll be guest blogging on her behalf as she sends pictures and posts. So without further delay I bring you pictures from her departure.... hip hip HOORAY! GO TEAM JUDKINS!!!! BRING THAT BABY GIRL HOME!!!!

~ Karen

Team Photo
High Five mommy!!! Go get our sister!!! :)

A proud Nana (and energetic too-- she'll be with the boys!!!)

That's some serious luggage....
Me & Sonya :)... she rocks

Look at all of those donations!!!! It's amazing to think where all of those blessings will go...
The proud parents :)

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