the adventure continues

In February of 2008, we began the preschool tour circuit. We prayed that God would lead us to where Kody was supposed to go to school. After visiting Community Kids Christian Preschool, the search was over. We knew 100% that was where he was supposed to go to school. That February was also when we began the first steps towards adopting a child. Kody was 3 and Tyler was 1 and we were ready to begin for child number 3. God made it clear that child #3 was going to come to our family through adoption, now was the time.

Once we knew our child was in Ethiopia, we began to pray that God would provide Ethiopian families in our life. To date we knew no one from Ethiopia. So in an amazing God way, Kody went off to preschool and sat down in class next to Nehemiah whose parents are from Ethiopia. They became great friends and then our families became friends and in time we met their whole social network of Ethiopian friends. We are now a part of a wonderful Ethiopian Christian community, one big family.

Our original thought in going to Ethiopia a few days early was to spend time with the missionaries from drawnfromwater. However, the timing works out that one family is on vacation and the other family is heading south to begin work on the children's center. We have a contact to give all the donations for the ministry, but other then a bag handoff there isn't anything else for us to do. We began to pray what God would have for the couple of days before we meet up with our adoption team. We would now be arriving into Ethiopia on our own, with no one to meet and not really knowing where to go.

In steps our friends to this story. Turns out we are going early to meet all of our friend's extended family and get a personal experience on what life is really like in Addis. We are beyond excited! Pray that we will speak and live out the gospel everywhere we go. What an opportunity, we are so blessed.

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