one more rescued

This photo was taken by a missionary with Drawn from Water. This precious little boy was to be killed because he had been labeled cursed. Here is a photo of his mother telling him goodbye. What a powerful portrait. The moment is so sacred and i am left feeling like i have intruded upon their last time with one another and yet at the same time I cannot look away. There is such beauty in both of them. The mother's sorrow and strength written on her face and the innocence in the child's eyes.

You have filled our home with things for angels such as these. I wanted to share this photo with you because the picture brings a reality to what we are saying. There are children, real children who will die unless they are rescued...there are mothers, real mothers, whose hearts are filled with sorrow and at the same time an obligation to not bring a curse upon their family. A people who need to know that God loves all children and does not view any of them as cursed.

I am praying for both of them today, that they will hear God calling to them "For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for a hope and future." May they both someday answer His call and receive His hope for their lives. Would you consider praying along with me? Pray for this beautiful child and how you can be a part of bringing hope to these people at
Our bags are filled to the brim, but if you would still like to send something with us to give them please consider a financial gift.

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