A note from the past

Today I was going through an old journal trying to find something for a friend. As I was flipping through the pages, I came across an entry from November 2003.

"Adoption is not our plan B - it is still plan A. We believe that God has called us to adoption. Many people have asked what we are going to do now, expection us to abandon our adoption search. The thought of that breaks my heart and I know that would be the wrong way to go. God has blessed us beyond our imagination by allowing us to have a biological child. But my heart continues to yearn for our children in another country far away from their forever family. We are going to continue our adventure as the LORD leads and are open to all possibilities. I praise God for the timing of becoming pregnant. Our wait over the past year has given us time to pray and search God's Word about adoption. We have seen the heart of God through His Word, and our experiences with adoption. His desire is for us to help the orphan and it will be a sign of true faith. God adopted us into His family. What a great way to show that to the world, to show what God's love looks like in action. We continue to remain totally dependant on the LORD, He alone is our strength and our refuge. The road ahead is uncertain, but our God is unchanging and steadfast. We pray as it says in James, that our trials of many kinds will produce perseverance and hope in our lives."

I could have never imagined the incredible journey God had in store for our family as I wrote this almost seven years ago. Makes my heart look forward at the next 7 years with anticipation of what it will hold for our family. I'm sure there will be joys and pains to experience on this journey of life, however I am even more sure today that no matter what the days ahead hold.... God is Sovereign in all things, He loves me more than I can fathom, and He will carry every burden that I allow Him to take from me.

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