Prayer Needed

Please be in prayer that the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Ethiopia will reopen soon!! The following is an update that we just received from our agency.

CHSFS confirmed today that the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) and its regional bureau offices have closed for two weeks to evaluate staffing needs. The return-to-work date is currently scheduled for July 23rd, but our past experiences lead us to believe that this could change.
For our adopting families, this means that the federal court is not assigning new hearing dates for pending cases until MOWA staff is back to work and able to prepare opinion letters on cases registered with the court. At this time we are not able to predict how this work stoppage by MOWA will affect individual cases. In addition, we don't know whether this will affect the number of pending cases to be decided and/or approved before the courts adjourns for the annual closure period. We will continue to monitor and update you as new developments occur. As soon as we are able to determine the effects for individual cases, you will be contacted by your case specialist.


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