Longing Arms

Okay, so I have been over and over the documents and it appears that we are ready to send them off. Waahoo!! Tomorrow morning the heavy stack of papers describing every single part of our lives will go to CHSFS. They will review our documents (hopefully everything is perfect), add in a few of their own, get more state/U.S. certifications and then it will make it's journey to the Ethiopian Embassy. From that point it takes the long trip over the ocean to Ethiopia where it will be translated and put in line to go before the courts there. Having all the documents together and picturing the packet making its way to Ethiopia is awesome....makes it seem like it is really going to happen. Boy, do I long to hold my precious little girl in my arms. Tonight as I sat here alone on the couch going over and over everything, each document detailing our lives and why they should allow us to parent our baby....it made my mind go to the day when she will be ours and we will no longer have to prove ourselves to anyone but her....she will alone be all that matters....and instead of holding papers in the quiet of night I will instead be rocking her to sleep. I am choosing to trust that day will come.

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