the faith of a child

It is beyond windy here today. There have actually been moments when I thought our house was going to fly away. And although here all our power lines are under ground, they must at some point emerge from there hide out because our power keeps flickering on and off. This phenomenon, of course, led my oldest into 1001 and questions about what was going on. I explained to him that we didn't need to worry about it because we could just open up all the windows and light our home with sunlight today. He immediately turned to his little brother and told him, "We don't need to be frightened because God is with us" Amazing and convicting. In all my talking not once did I mention this fact, not once did I bring up anything about how God played into this scenerio. And then I could see that he was looking for me to say that, he wanted me to reassure him that, yes God was with us and it was going to be okay. I love watching him grow in the Lord and teaching that to his little brother. There is no greater joy as a mother!

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