Dancing at the Mailbox

Wahoo! The last document we were waiting on arrived today. I was so excited when I saw the envelope. I gave a big cheer and danced all around the mailbox. Tonight we will head off to the notary for some final signings and copies, some prayers and then off in the mailbox. We are all excited to have this phase completed and to begin our wait. We all miss our baby and are looking forward to the day when we get to bring her home. Yesterday my oldest told us, "I just really want our baby to come home." We tried to explain again that it will be over a year until that happens. He just got a sad look on his face and said, "I just really miss her." I felt the tears well in my own eyes as his precious little words echoed my own heart's cry. What a wonderful little boy God has blessed us with...I marvel at his tenderness and his love for others.


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