Why Adopt?

This is a repost from our earlier website, but wanted to include it on here for those who are thinking about adopting. ...

Our reasons for adopting are many, but the theme tying them all together is we are confident that this is plan A for our family. Kevin and I began dreaming of adopting a baby long before we said " I do ". It was part of our discussions during those first years of marriage and then we began to seriously look into adoption when we decided to start having children. Many have asked if we are adopting because I cannot conceive or because my pregnancies were difficult. There is nothing preventing me from conceiving another child. Although I will not miss the daily nausea and vomiting, the intense leg pain, the beautiful old lady stockings, the extreme fatigue, or the stress all of that put on my marriage, there are things about not being the one to conceive our next child that I will miss: feeling your baby grow inside of you, seeing those first glimpses on the ultrasound, the labor and delivery (yes, I actually liked that part), holding them during their first moments outside the womb, and providing the only nutrition keeping them alive. Kevin and I are sad that we will miss out on some of the firsts of our new daughter. I know I will grieve not being a part of each milestone that she has already passed when we can go to get her. Beyond these things is a strong love and desire for our child. Although she is being carried by another woman, she is being born from our hearts and sent to our family from God's arms. We feel honored to be chosen to be her parents and humbled at the calling.

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