Here we go again...

Well, I am trying this out through another source. So the Shutterfly experiment didn't work out so well. I hope this will prove to go better. Mostly this is to help update our family (those who were born related to us and those friends who have become our family) about what's going on with us without having to fill up everybody's inbox. And it also gives me an outlet to write about our wonderful life!

To catch up, God has called us to adopt a little princess from Ethiopia. We are in the process of paperwork, paperwork, paperwork and currently waiting, trying to do it patiently, for approval from the Virginia Child Protective Services. Once we get the green light on that, then we can move ahead with our Home Study. At present we are expecting that we will actually go to Ethiopia to bring home our sweetheart spring/summer of 2010. She will be somewhere between 7 and 16months old. Our hearts long for her more everyday and can't wait until we get to snuggle her face to face. We would love for you to keep our precious baby and her birth mother in your prayers. Specifically that they would be surrounded by love and protection and have plenty of food and water.

I am working on a Christmas Letter to send out be checking your mailboxes :)

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